The Art of Submission

Said a girl who upon her divan Was attacked by a virile young man: ‘Such excess of passion Is quite out of fashion And she fractured his wrists with her fan.

Before you is the online presence of Miss Maya Odelle, Professional Submissive of Seattle. Maya is a wonderful young woman who is half Persian, half British and hales from Canada. She has recently entered the world of professional submission, FBSM and BDSM although she is quite experienced in the personal side of things. Maya is the collared Personal & Professional Submissive to Domina Ruby Enraylls and it is through my dungeon, expertise and care that she is exploring herself, her limits, her submission and her desires.

A Note From The Mistress…

To me, being submissive to someone means trusting them with your body, mind and soul for the time that you are together and that is not something I take lightly, nor should you. While Maya is as tough as nails when it comes to bondage and impact she is still human and humans are emotional creatures. Submitting to someone is a deeply emotional process and when done right it can be very rewarding for both parties. It is our goal that your interactions with us/her be enriching, educational and very rewarding for us all. Make that easier for us by always being a gentleman.

By seeking her time and her submission, you are requesting that I entrust her to you for the duration of your time together. Please keep in mind that people are a lot harder to replace than things and handle her with care.

Thank you for your consideration,

Domina Ruby Enraylls

professional submissive of seattle maya odelle